Rockin' & Making History since 2003!!


Band Biographies

Our Musicians are among the most talented, seasoned, and professional in the business, bringing an energetic stage show, great sound, while using special effects lighting!! Topping off an evening of Fun, bringing pom-pom's, beads, and other party favors, we provide Enthusiasm, Excitement & Experience to help throw you a Great Party!! : )

Suzie Stephens as Lead Vocalist!!

Suzie was raised with a strong musical background, beginning with her fourth cousin being the late great Bill Monroe, King of Bluegrass!! Raised on mostly bluegrass and country music, Suzie grew to love many different kinds of music, especially rock music! singing in choirs all through school with playing instruments in her school orchestra. Suzie formed "Ultraviolet" in May of 2003 and is celebrating 15 years with Ultraviolet in 2018!!

Bethany Deem as Keyboardist/Vocals!!

Bethany is a music major and had taught piano and vocal lessons for many years. She has now joined with Ultraviolet bringing her talents playing keyboards and singing fantastic harmonies!

Duane "Ozzy" Osborne as Guitarist!!

Duane "Ozzy" Osborne has been playing Lead Guitar since he was very young and is known to be a Jukebox of Music!! Ozzy played in the modern hard rock cover Band "Hell-n-Back", and rock cover bands "The Wild" & "Rock House"!! Ozzy uses Ibanez, Gibson, Stratocaster, and more... with Bugera amplification!!

Joe Council as Bass Guitarist!!

Joe has been playing music since the 70's, starting as an Award winning Jazz Bassist and Drummer, and played Lead Guitar!! Playing a 10 year stretch as Bassist with powerhouse recording artist "Strikeforce", he shared the stage with many Top Artists such as "Kansas", "Styx", "Joan Jett", "Jacky", "38 Special", and the list goes on... During "Strikeforce", Joe along with founder and Lead Guitarist "Duke Jackson", formed a special project with with ex-Scorpion drummer "Herman Rarebell" called "The Herman Ze German Band" sharing the stage with several recording artists as "Michael Schenker", "Headeast", and more!!! Joe uses Ibanez & Schecter Basses, Boss Effects, & Ampeg and Harke Amplification!!

Ric Bietsch as Drummer!!

Ric is a lifetime Drummer playing Drums all-through his school years, he was also "First Chair" school drummer and was in his High School 'Stage Band'!! Ric played Drums in the "Poison" Tribute Band "Fallen Angel"!! and cover band "Killin Time"!! Ric also played in popular Original bands being "Destiny", "Ariel", "Nervous Soldier", and "Ice-9"!! Ric plays on clear DW double bass drums with Sabian cymbals!!