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Rockin' & Making History since 2003!!


... About Ultraviolet!!

All-in-Fun, Ultraviolet began in May of 2003 with Suzie Stephens' desire to be the lead vocalist of a Rock band to perform at her upcoming Birthday Party in December of that year!! : ) ... that was eighteen years ago, so now she's celebrating her 18th Year Anniversary for UV!!!

Ultraviolet is an Illinois State Fair "Award" Winning Band, and Continues to be a Popular Central Illinois area Rockin' "Party" Band to this Day!! Suzie Manages Ultraviolet with Booking most of their UV Performances.... and proudly, Ultraviolet's bookings include several performances at the IL State Fair ... Budweiser & Miller Tents, The "Shed" Veteran Building & the Lincoln Stage at the IL State Fair; Various County Fairs, Homecomings, Lake Club Party's, Annual Hometown Festivals, Charity Events, Benefits, Private Clubs, Parties & Weddings, with also performing at many of our Central IL Bar scenes, and Out-of-State Venues as well!!

From the beginning... Ultraviolet continued to gain popularity throughout the first 5 Years with the Rockin! 'Original Ultraviolet' members... being Jud Barnes as Lead Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals, who thought up the band name of Ultraviolet; Steve Bosie as Bass Guitar/Vocals; Oakie Morris as Drummer; and Suzie Stephens as Lead Vocalist. Jud Barnes moved out-of-state the Fall of 2007, and Ultraviolet then hired Travis Aldridge as Jud's replacement. So, with UV still having shows on the books, Travis became the Newest Ultraviolet member who stayed on with UV to finish out the rest of the bookings that year. Travis still currently acts as a sub for UV in the event we ever need a fill-in guitarist.

In August of 2008, the 'New Ultraviolet ' appeared to the music scene with UV members being Marc Waterman as Lead Guitar/Vocals; Jon Gentry as Bass Guitar/Vocals/Keyboards; Darren Barr as Drummer; with Suzie Stephens as Lead Vocalist!! ... Ultraviolet was Nominated for "Entertainer of the Year" in 2010, and also WON 2nd Place for our Float in the 2009 IL State Fair Parade!! Suzie being on the Board of Director's for the Springfield Area Arts Council, together with UV entered the "Ultraviolet Float" in the IL State Fair Parade that year. 2009 was the year the Fair had over 400 Floats entered, and the Parade lasted until after 10pm!!   

During the Fall of 2010, Ultraviolet went through another transition when Darren Barr (Drummer) left UV to pursue other entertainment opportunities... and that's when Pete Jeffers was hired on as Ultraviolet's New Drummer!! Ultraviolet continued to Perform at it's Best for the next year, until another change of musicians in the Fall of 2011.

From early 2012 and ending mid 2013, Ultraviolet's group members continuing to perform in UV were Preston Gary as (fill-in) Lead Guitarist/Vocalist; Mark Packenham as Bass Guitar/ Vocals; with Ric Bietsch as Drummer and Suzie Stephens as Lead Vocalist.  During this time period, Ultraviolet also began promoting a local 18 year old New Singing Sensation 'Gracia Harrison' from "The Voice" on NBC TV!! Gracia had been Coached by Country Music Superstar Blake Shelton!! Ultraviolet was happy to be one of Gracia's (supporting) bands during the winter of 2012 to help Promote her performances in the Springfield area!! Gracia plans to move to Nashville, Tennessee where she aims to record her new albumn and pursue her career in Country Music!! : ) We Wish Her the Best!!

Starting out with a few new members again in early 2014, Ultraviolet was ready to keep Rockin you with new members being Duane Osborne as Lead Guitar/back-up vocals; adding Joe Council as Bass Guitar/back-up vocals in mid 2015; and Jason Richno as vocalist!  Continuing with Ric Bietsch as Drummer and Suzie Stephens as Lead Vocalist, we are looking forward to performing with our new members!!

In April 2014, Ultraviolet was approached by our good friend Patrick O'Neill from Lincoln, IL... he wanted UV to consider temporarily adding a beautiful & talented young female Vocalist from Taylorville, IL to our group, Shanda "Ginger" Courtaway, so we could help teach her the ropes of this business, plus help her gain the experience she needed to start her own Country band in the near future..., so Ultraviolet was happy to help Shanda!! For a solid year, Shanda shared the Stage with UV, gaining Experience, Performing LIVE and learning the biz. We're very Proud of Shanda as she pursues her career in Country Music!! : )

Ending in Spring 2020, COVID-19 hit, performing our last year with Duane Osborne as Lead Guitar/Vocals; Joe Council as Bass Guitar/Vocals; Jason Richno as Vocalist; and Bethany Deem as Keyboardist/Vocals. Bethany joined UV in Spring of 2018.  Saying good-bye to these musicians & friends in March 2020 after they have been playing in Ultraviolet over these past several years, from 2014-2020!  We wish them all well in their new endeavors as they pursue other interests. Thank you for all the fun and great memories!!

2020 begins a new year with more great new musicians added to Ultraviolet!!  New members are Preston Gary as Lead Guitarist/Keyboardist/Vocalist; Bryan Ealey as Lead Guitarist/Vocals; Ed Tinsley as Bassist; while Ric Bietsch as Drummer and Suzie Stephens as Lead Vocalist continue performing in UV!!  We'd been preparing for the COVID-19 pandemic to pass, looking forward to performing in 2021 with a Great new show!!  Still bringing the Party, while supporting social distancing and staying safe!!  Be sure to come out for the FUN & DANCING in 2021!!

Ultraviolet has a fresh new Popular Song List of Rockin' Party songs ready to perform for you, with adding more 80's, Glam, Classic & Modern Rock Favorites ... Rock to your all-time fav's on our new Song List!!!

Come out to Party with Ultraviolet!!

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